Blockchain is outgrowing its juvenile cryptocurrency distinction, and now Hyperledger is born.

23/02/2017By Pat PurcellBlog, Uncategorised

As the world starts to catch up on the concept of Blockchain, we at GECKO Governance have been identifying and testing different Blockchain technologies into our software knowing that Blockchain could transform every industry it touches in the future. Much like the internet has, we believe Blockchain, and now Hyperledger, specifically can help transform the business … Read More

Siliconrepublic: An Irish startup in New York

22/02/2017By shaneBlog, Uncategorised

This past week, GECKO Governance has published the first in a series of articles in association with Silicon Republic, describing what it’s like for an Irish startup moving to New York. In the first article, our senior business development analyst, Andris Macs, describes the steps you need to take before getting on the plane, getting … Read More