As a part of the Techstars Startup Next Programme sponsored by Google, the GECKO team had the opportunity to take home some very useful tips on how to present in front of your potential costumer or investor.


The main speaker was Ed Fidgeon Kavanagh from He is an expert in delivering presentations and gave a brilliant display of how it should be done. Some very interesting tips to take into consideration were as follows:

  • Know the difference between Sales + Investors Deck (Identify your audience).
  • Assume they know nothing about what you do.
  • Identify how man slides you need. Slide-count (Why 6,8,10?).
  • Hammer home the message.
  • Repetition is good and what you need to do.
  • Data can tell stories (How can you make it interesting).
  • Team (Are the collection of team the right people for the business idea, identify team members and roles).
  • No Prezi! Use Keystone, Google Slides and of course, PowerPoint.
  • Always assume something will go wrong going into the conference.
  • Own as much equipment as possible and never rely on other resources.
  • Have a paper based back-up.
  • Buy a presentation clicker.
  • “Packaging counts a lot in a crowded world”


If you ever wondered if the usage of the same words is primitive or unacceptable here is one of the highlights from Ed’s  showcase which shows Bill Gates repeating the same words over and over again. Just watch how effective and powerful this is: