This week GECKO Governance is launching its new fund regulation and compliance Blockchain solution at the US RegTech Summit.

GECKO Governance is the first fund solution in the market to provide Blockchain enabled technology for managing key asset management compliance, regulation and operational processes.

Our Blockchain solution manages the following key Investment Management Functions:-


  • Regulatory Reporting
  • New Fund Launches
  • Investor Onboarding AML/KYC process
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Fund Governance & Compliance Management


For a funds Regulatory Reporting, our solution gives the financial regulator “read only” access to the funds Blockchain in order to review the status and detail of compliance activity.This provides a secure independent verifiable audit trail of funds compliance.

In the area of Compliance Management, Blockchain will be beneficial to the fund compliance process specifically around policies, procedures, documentation, internal auditing, third party audits, security controls and technological enforcement required for the management of investment fund compliance.

GECKO Governance provides the first Blockchain solution for new fund launches and asset onboarding.  We manage the complex process of launching new funds using our Blockchain functionality, including the end to end coordination and project management of new client onboarding, fund launches and asset transitions across multiple internal and external entities – including Regulators, Auditors, Lawyers and Service Providers.

The Summit is the industry’s only end user driven conference that focuses purely on the applications of RegTech within the financial services space.