Join GECKO Governance at this Altoros webinar as we discuss how we use Hyperledger Fabric to Manage Compliance with Regulators and Customers.

Learn how Blockchain and Hyperledger ensures regulatory compliance in the fund’s industry with a solution developed by GECKO Governance.

Watch here : WEBINAR

The aim of this webinar is to enable the Hyperledger community to learn more about a unique fund compliance blockchain solution. Specifically, why and how Hyperledger Fabric can be used for such a use case.

You will learn:

  • An overview of the problem in RegTech fund management—namely that of proving a company is compliant (to regulators, clients, etc.)
  • How Hyperledger Fabric is solving this problem
  • Business requirements to the blockchain solution powered by Hyperledger Fabric technology
  • A detailed overview of GECKO Governance blockchain solution—including a demo and details on the software architecture
  • The challenges and lessons learned (from both the technical and business perspective)
  • How GECKO Governance is using Hyperledger Fabric.
  • The importance of Disintermediation and Immutability to the funds industry
  • How to transition from existing solutions to blockchain, including dealing with legacy systems
  • Instilling confidence in the industry of the merits of blockchain

Who should attend:

  • Funds industry professionals—fund administrators, fund managers, regulators and auditors
  • Risk, regulatory, and compliance professionals—risk managers, regulatory advisors, analysts, and consultants
  • Managers of IT, Innovation and Digital Officers, Enterprise Architects, and business people interested in blockchain
  • FinTech / RegTech enthusiasts and blockchain / Hyperledger developers

About the presenter:

Shane Brett is a serial entrepreneur, mentor, peer-reviewed author, and thought-leader specializing in hedge funds, FinTech, and the global economy.

He is co-founder of GECKO Governance—the new blockchain-enabled Fund Regulation solution.

Shane has 20 years experience in hedge fund /asset management operations, consultancy and technology, including program and product management at top fund managers and administrators worldwide (e.g., BNP Paribas, HSBC, UBS, and RBS).

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